Challenger School

Summer Programs

Whether you want your child to advance academically or just have some summer fun, Challenger School is the perfect way to enrich your child’s summer days.

Preschool Adventureland
Each week the children take an imaginative trip to a new and exciting place. Your preschooler will love exploring the land of make-believe during Storyland Week. Out in Space Week introduces your child to planets, black holes, stars, and astronauts. During Adventureland’s fun, themed explorations, your child will also learn phonics, numbers, science, art, music, and more, keeping concepts fresh for returning Challenger students while introducing them to our new students.

This preschool summer program aims to prepare children to enter kindergarten as they work on handwriting skills as well as math and reading foundations. Adventureland fantasy lends imagination fun.


Challenger’s summer kindergarten is for children who will be entering 1st grade in the fall. Students review the irregular vowel families and continue to apply rules of mechanics as they write their own stories. They extend their skills of working independently. They, too, enjoy fantasy fun.


Our traditional morning elementary program focuses on the basics of reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics using our proven teaching methods. It is designed to review and solidify previously taught concepts. Active drills unique to Challenger give students the opportunity to move while learning things that must be memorized. Afternoon classes feature arts and crafts, music, geography, sports, drama, and scientific discovery.


Middle School
Challenger’s middle school summer classes are designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension, reinforce writing skills, and improve understanding of mathematical concepts. One session is devoted to reading and composition with activities and games. The other session builds pre-algebra and algebra skills. Parents may choose between these two programs or sign their children up for both.

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