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Challenger School has been a great experience for our family. We’ve been incredibly impressed with our son’s progress in preschool. Alex has been engaged and challenged in the best possible way; his confidence has increased greatly and he loves school. As a parent, it’s gratifying to see our child excited about reading and math and science and keen to show off his new skills.

Amber H.

I wanted to share a conversation that I had with my daughter last night. When I arrived home from work Scarlett told me all about her day, where she learned about the planets and the solar system. She proceeded to ask me the following questions: "Did you know that Mars is red, and that Jupiter has a hurricane on the planet the size of Earth? Did you know that Uranus is the coldest planet, and that Mercury is closet to the sun? Also, Mama, Pluto isn't really a planet, it's a dwarf planet." Needless to say, I was blown away. I am so happy that we are at Challenger and have had such wonderful teachers along the way. Kudos specifically to Ms. Adrianne on this most recent lesson, but my husband and I could not be happier with the overall structure of Challenger and the information that Scarlett is able to absorb every day.

Lindsey H.

The greatest benefit my children have received from a Challenger School education is their ability to think clearly, speak confidently, and work independently.

Shanthi Y.

We initially enrolled in a 3-day program for preschool (3-year-old) but in no time, my daughter loved the school, and we enrolled in 5 full-day program.

Sailatha K.
Second Grade

We are very happy to be part of such a great system that instills right values and helps kids build their confidence, character, and creativity. Our kids have been getting exposed to a great academic curriculum, which helps them to uncover their strengths and capabilities.

Challenger Parent (for 11 years)
Eighth Grade

Challenger has fully fulfilled the goals detailed in their mission. In her academic journey from preschool to eighth grade, my daughter has not only embodied and learned the value of honesty, integrity, respect, confidence, self-reliance, self-worth, and independence but also learned to think, speak, and write confidently and knowledgeably. Challenger teachers have helped her understand and recognize her rights and the importance of protecting those rights. They have helped her to become a critical thinker who can analyze the world around her. She has learned to look at everything with an open mind. I very much appreciate all Challenger School has bestowed on my daughter as she gets ready to graduate as one confident Challenger student!

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