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Math - 7th Grade Private School.


Rather than simply memorizing formulas and facts, Challenger seventh graders use the whys and hows to apply mathematical concepts to intricate, real-life story problems. They progress to such advanced topics as multi-variable polynomials and the quadratic formula and are able to locate and graph x- and y-intercepts. They are excellent mathematicians!

Composition - 7th Grade Private School.


Our seventh graders’ writing skills far surpass other students their age. Because they have been taught how to write in a methodical and logical fashion, they delight in trying their hand at research writing, rhetoric, and various poetic forms. Many Challenger students enter writing contests on their own!

Language Arts - 7th Grade Private School.

Language Arts

Seventh graders become skilled at correctly using relative pronouns, avoiding split infinitives, and making sure pronouns and antecedents agree. They also enjoy studying word origins and determining the etymology of English words, many of which are derived from other languages.

History - 7th Grade Private School.


In seventh grade, students build upon their extensive knowledge of history to analyze important events that led to the Declaration of Independence and a new government whose purpose was to protect individual rights. Through their study of events like the Civil War, they recognize the struggles that America faced in protecting and preserving these rights.

Literature - 7th Grade Private School.


In seventh grade, students study iconic novels like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, learning about literary styles and movements such as realism and satire. They consider both the denotation and connotation of words and how authors select words carefully to create a precise statement or effect.

Logic - 7th Grade Private School.


Challenger seventh graders learn the attributes of a good argument, how to determine the validity and strength of arguments, and how to refute an argument. Understanding concepts such as tautology, false cause, exigency, special pleading, and sophistical formula provide students with useful tools for a lifetime of analytical thinking.

Science - 7th Grade Private School.


Through examination of topics such as cell theory, genetics, and body systems, seventh graders reinforce their skills of scientific inquiry and comprehend the value of using measurable results to analyze data and draw conclusions.

Speech, Debate, and Theater - 7th Grade Private School.

Speech, Debate, and Theater

In seventh grade, Challenger students develop and sharpen their abilities to communicate ideas clearly and confidently. They learn effective presentation techniques, think critically as they prepare and deliver arguments, and gain self-confidence as they acquire acting skills. 

Music - 7th Grade Private School.


Challenger seventh graders are well-versed in a wide variety of dance forms and musical styles and can sing in two- and three-part harmony. They also interpret music appropriately while learning fundamental principles of music theory. Students gain exposure to giants of music history like Vivaldi, Sousa, and Rachmaninoff. Their musical talent and expertise shine when they present special programs in December and May. 

Computer - 7th Grade Private School.


Students learn the principles of computer science in seventh grade and how to use logic and organization to write complete programs. They learn to use pseudo code and algorithms, control the flow of a program’s execution, manipulate variables and output, and think in terms of procedural abstraction.

Art - 7th Grade Private School.


Challenger seventh grade teachers use circle studies to assist students in drawing cylindrical objects in perspective. They also learn to draw subjects in both profile and three-quarter views and practice shading techniques to show folds in skin and clothing. You won’t hear a Challenger student saying, “I can’t draw”!

Physical Education - 7th Grade Private School.

Physical Education

PE classes for seventh grade help students advance their athletic skills with three main concentrations: fitness, team sports, and dance. Students learn and practice the rules and skills of basketball and softball and improve coordination and stamina in dances like the polka and the cha-cha.

On this quiz on truth-functional propositional logic, the student perfectly identifies truth values, uses inference rules, and recognizes the functions of logical connectives. These premises are useful in everyday decision-making and argument analysis.

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