Know the Facts Before You Commit to Any School


Some schools will still charge you for months of tuition after you withdraw your child. Some even require payment for the entire year. We teach our students that justice is granting and taking only what is earned, and we strive to operate Challenger School in a just manner. That's why we charge a daily rate for days your child is enrolled. For example, if your child starts on the 15th, your tuition begins on the 15th. Conversely, if you withdraw your child on the 15th, your tuition ends on the 15th.

An annual tuition deposit secures a student’s placement and serves as a commitment to the next year of education. The non-refundable deposit initiates a process for Challenger to plan staffing and purchase resources for the enrolled student. It is applied to the first month’s tuition payment of the applicable academic year.

To preserve our independence, we do not accept public funds. However, as a non-profit entity, we accept private, tax-deductible donations from those wishing to contribute to Challenger's educational mission.

At Challenger, an application fee and tuition fund your child's education. We don't require any additional money, time, or service commitments.