Positive Results

Capable Students,
Confident Children

You expect results from your school.

So do we.

And we see results in students’ skills in math, reading, composition, public speaking, self-management, and independent thinking.

We also see results in standardized test scores. Standardized test results are neither the only nor the most important measure of success, but they do measure students’ comparative academic skill sets. The results are useful in evaluating and demonstrating students’ ability to apply knowledge to largely concrete problems.

On the 2023 Iowa Assessments, a nationally standardized test, Challenger kindergartners’ average percentile rank was 98. Eighth grade students’ average rank was 99. That means that Challenger’s average kindergartner outscored 98 out of 100 IOWA test takers at the same grade level—and that Challenger’s average eighth grader outscored 99. The results against the private school group of test takers—expected to be an academically stronger group—are similarly impressive.

The IOWA results show a significant advantage for Challenger kindergartners. The results are similar in all grades—some a bit lower and some a bit higher, but all far ahead of the norm.

Challenger students learn to reason and critically evaluate ideas independently. They also learn to find joy and self-worth through achievement. These are things that standardized assessments do not measure but that are critically important to a child’s success in life.

Our students are also high achievers outside of school, and we enjoy seeing and showcasing their achievements in areas as diverse as academics, martial arts, team sports, dance, art, music, entrepreneurship, technology, and many more. The Challenger advantage is for life, and the path to high achievement begins early.

Start early and start right at Challenger School.

Academic Results

Blue Ribbon School

National Blue Ribbon School

The Challenger School Berryessa California campus earned the National Blue Ribbon School award in 2021. With this award, the U.S. Department of Education recognizes Challenger for being an “Exemplary High Performing” school.

This award acknowledges the achievements of our educators and students and the strength of Challenger’s exemplary curriculum and proven teaching methods utilized at all campuses.

What our customers say about us
  • We couldn't be happier with the quality of education our children are receiving at Challenger, and, even better, they couldn't be happier either! Challenger has instilled in them a love of learning that will set the foundation throughout their formal education, and we're amazed at the advanced material they have readily mastered and at how quickly they have advanced. 

    Perhaps best of all, though, is how eager they are to go to school each day, and how much they enjoy practicing and building on what they have learned outside of the classroom. Challenger has helped boost their academic confidence, has fostered their creative expression, and has set the standard for what we believe a child can achieve.

    Katie S.
    Farmington Campus, Utah
  • Challenger excels not only at setting a strong foundation in reading, math, and critical thinking but more importantly at instilling a true love of learning. My daughters are excited to go to school each morning and are brimming with pride to share their new knowledge at the end of each day. The teachers and staff are warm and inviting, helping each child reach her fullest potential in fun and engaging ways. Especially at such a young age it is important not just for children to master necessary skills but to foster their ability and creativity as independent thinkers. Challenger makes learning fun!

    Emily A.
    Avery Ranch Campus, Texas
  • I had recently transferred to Challenger from the Los Altos School District, due to the new Common Core changes at my public school. I have already found that the teachers are smart, organized, and supportive of my learning. The curriculum is clear, concise and informative. Challenger really stands out to me and is a great school and I am glad I have chosen to move here for middle school. I have learned more at Challenger than ever before and feel ensured that I will be prepared for high school.

    Mica H.
    Middlefield Campus, California
  • Challenger is an outstanding school. It focuses on tried and true teaching methods, and wastes little effort on discipline, scheduling, or methods, as these are firmly in place. The school then rushes forward teaching the kids all the basics and beyond, so that the kids come away with confidence, and satisfaction of having learned the material, and also then being able to think for themselves in regard to the material learned.

    John W.
    Traverse Mountain Campus, Utah
  • I have said over and over that it is a shame that all children in the United States cannot get the education that Challenger provides! The world would be a better place!

    Margaret Z.
    Round Rock Campus, Texas
Student Work
  • This first grade student shows advanced perspective by depicting a fence that is upright and actually leaves the frame.

    First Grade

  • This preschooler uses the shapes that make up a caribou and recreates the animal using rectangles and triangles. He uses crayon to outline and watercolors for color and plans ahead to allow uncolored space for clouds in the blue sky.


  • This Challenger third grader masterfully replicates the cover for the book The Trumpet of the Swan, using accurate and proportional outlining to delineate objects and subtle shading to indicate depth.

    Third Grade

  • This sixth grade student exhibits not only a clear understanding of the design rule of thirds but also mixes colors to depict the natural landscape. She effectively blends from dark to light to make the subject appear three-dimensional.

    Sixth Grade
Short Explanation of Our Test Scores