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Challenger’s first private school campus in the Dallas area, Legacy is conveniently located right off the Dallas North Tollway in Plano, with close proximity to both commercial plazas and residential neighborhoods. Our brand new building is equipped with a state of the art storm shelter.

Legacy Campus Challenger School Plano Texas Private School

Plano – Legacy Preschool

Our exceptional preschool programs lay the foundation for our students’ future learning. Challenger preschoolers enjoy an effective mix of music, reading, math, art, drama, social relating time, science, and physical activities that aim to improve small and large motor skills. Your child will be provided a strong foundation academically and socially. With several preschool programs available year round, we have one that will fit your family’s schedule. Explore Our Preschool Curriculum
Plano Preschool

Plano – Legacy Kindergarten

Challenger’s fun-filled kindergarten program engages students and develops their ability to stay on task in order to optimize their success. We’ve perfected the balance between play and learning so well that our kindergartners can’t tell the difference—it’s a seamless environment of learning and fun. Explore Our Kindergarten Curriculum
Plano – Legacy Kindergarten
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Ben H.
s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange
18 May 2024
Excellent staff and curriculum. Choosing Challenger for our daughter’s education is probably the second best choice I have made in my life (first marrying my beautiful wife).
Chun-Yu T.
s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange
14 Apr 2024
Absolutely, without reservation, we cannot recommend Challenger School enough. When our son transitioned to preschool at the age of four, he was coming from a bilingual school with a focus on strict discipline and cultural immersion. Unfortunately, it wasn't fostering the joy of learning that we hoped for. However, Challenger School reignited his innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge. His enthusiasm for sharing his classroom experiences and fun activities with friends is truly infectious. The learning environment at Challenger is nothing short of transformative. It's dynamic, structured, and tailored perfectly for young minds like our son's. The teachers and staff strike the perfect balance between patience and expertise, ensuring that rules are respected while nurturing a love for learning. We've been astounded by the rapid development of his math and reading skills. At the end of his pre-K journey, he reads with the fluency and independence of a 2nd grader. His passion for music and science, as well as his knack for word and math-based board games are a testament to the school's efficacy in cultivating a well-rounded education. Despite the 20-minute drive each way from Addison, every moment spent commuting is justified by the immense value Challenger School adds to our son's life. Just the other day, as we were on our way to school, he expressed concern about forgetting the route to Challenger when he's an adult, as he imagines himself driving his own children there someday. It was a heartwarming moment that spoke volumes about his deep-rooted love for the school. We couldn't be happier knowing that he treasures his education at Challenger School so profoundly! Thank you Challenger School <3
Vitan B.
s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange
02 Feb 2023
Love everything about this school, teachers were awesome, my son started there when he was in pre-k and continued the kindergarten. We had to take him out as we moved to a different city, even after 2 months...my son still talks about his friends and teachers at challenger. He is way advanced in math and english than his peers in the new school.
Kv P.
s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange
20 Jan 2023
We love love love Challenger! What a great school! Our daughter has learned so much in just a short amount of time. She LOVES her teachers, and loves going to school each day. The teachers make learning so fun and meaningful. The classrooms are spacious and very clean. All the faculty are super nice and attentive. Every morning we are greeted by anyone in sight. Everyone is very respectful. I can’t wait for her to continue at this school. We looked at several private schools in the area, and this was by far the best decision :-) We had just heard so many good things, and are very pleased. Building a great educational foundation here, for sure.
Lei W.
s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange s star orange
23 Dec 2022
We LOVE Challenger school a lot! Our child joined Challenger the day after his 3rd birthday and he loves it. Before that, he was unhappy every morning when he walked into the old school's door. He is happier at Challenger with better manners and advanced knowledge. He is almost 4 years old and he learns how to eat healthy food, what planets are in our solar system, all 50 states of America, how to do basic additions and multiplications, and read books by himself. He didn't like singing, but now he is very proud of singing Jingle Bells loudly. This school is a place with love and advanced academics. First, the teachers are better than other preschools nearby. They are very well educated, which differs from other "baby sitters". The interview standards for teachers are higher than other schools, including writing an essay. They know how to learn well and how to teach effectively. Second, I love the teachers' personalities and style. They are very encouraging, which is important for young kids. Their personalities are warm and calm. They not only tell you what it is but also lead you to think about why you need to do it. Third, the school cares about every child. If you are more advanced in a specific area, then the teacher may give you more challenges to make you feel fun. For example, the teacher add several reading sessions for our son because he loves phonics and books. Furthermore, Challenger does not run a lot of advertisements because they focus more on the critical part - kids' development. The current size is small but the quality is super high. As a mom, I'm happy to see that my son says hello and thank you to every teacher. It means that he trusts them. He is happy everyday and excited about his show&tell opportunities on Tuesdays. It is funny that he teaches me phonics at home just like his teachers do it at school. Although answering lots of "why" questions is annoying, I'm happy to see that my son develops his critical thinking at this age. If you are looking for a school with love, good manners and advanced academic education, I highly recommend you come visit Challenger and experience the Challenger way of teaching.

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