Challenger Students' Amazing 2019 IOWA Test Scores

We are proud to announce that Challenger students have again surpassed their national peers by a wide margin and achieved excellent results on the Iowa Assessments. (Personalized Iowa results will be mailed to you this month.)

This year, Challenger students again scored impressively in every grade. In the chart, the dark bars represent Challenger student performance against all Iowa test-takers nationally. In every grade, Challenger students excel!

Aren’t Challenger students amazing?

The fiftieth percentile represents the average rank of all test-takers, and the average Challenger student in every grade outpaces—by a significant margin—his peers in both public and private schools!

Embracing challenge is a value—part of our mission—that we teach our students. Additionally, our emphasis on rational thinking and academic skills has equipped and will continue to equip our students to excel.

Great job, Challenger teachers and students!

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