Challenger Students Stand Out

As Challenger parents, you’ve probably seen that your child’s knowledge and skills can create a positive sensation among other parents. Starting early and starting right makes a significant difference. Challenger makes the most of the early years because doing so yields unmatched results for students.

The purpose of education at Challenger is explained in our mission. Our mission influences decisions in all areas, from children having homework to manage by themselves in kindergarten to encouraging students at all ages to respect their own rights and other students’ rights.

The poise and confidence that makes people take note of Challenger students comes from students’ abilities to think for themselves and communicate with clarity.

In class, teachers gather immediate feedback by asking probing why and how questions, listening carefully to the student’s answers, and observing student expression and body language. They then adjust the lesson to strengthen areas of weakness.

Many of our tests use open-ended questions that require students to demonstrate their understanding in their own words with examples relative to their own lives. These answers are more difficult to grade than multiple-choice, but we choose them because they also provide far better insight into what a student knows.

We regularly evaluate our performance by measuring our students’ abilities to apply concepts correctly, consistently, and independently. Having a clear purpose leads us to select the best content and take the right steps in educating your child. We are confident that we are delivering our mission.

It is a complex task, involving both academics and character, but as our founder, Barbara Baker, put it, “There’s no secret to it. We start early and start right, teaching the right concepts in the right order at the right time, with the right intensity and passion, all with the right balance of fun and challenge— it’s only common sense!” No secret, but not easy, either!

Parents, we love having your children in our classes. We are pleased that you have chosen us for your child, and we will continue to help him or her gain the confidence and ability to stand out from the crowd.

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