The Value of Challenger Preschool

At many schools, rigorous learning starts in kindergarten or even later; the preschool years are generally reserved for play or learning the simplest of concepts, like shapes, colors, and counting. Challenger School, on the other hand, has demonstrated since 1963 that very young students are ready—and excited—to learn to read, write, and spell on their own.

Using our phonics-based learning system, our skilled teachers equip our youngest students with the vital means to properly sound out and blend letters and words; in so doing, we optimize students’ conceptual and logical thinking skills. The system of phonics teaches students to recognize essential similarities among apparent differences. By teaching the logic of language, we teach them the very system of logic that allows them to independently make sense of the world.

This positive, logical, and fun approach to learning leads Challenger’s students to build confidence in the strength of their own minds. Over time, our students improve their abilities to focus, concentrate, and stay on task, all skills that greatly enhance the capacity for living successfully and happily.

Challenger School’s proven conceptual teaching methods are used by bright teachers who are passionate about student learning and ready and eager to encourage independence.

Hugh Gourgeon, CEO

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