Utah Honors Chorale Concert

Every other year, Challenger’s Utah Region offers Honors Chorale as an after-school enrichment program. The goal of this class is to provide students an additional opportunity to enhance their vocal skills, establish healthy singing habits, and perform exciting, enriching music. Students in grades 5–8 apply to be a part of this stimulating experience. Acceptance is by vocal audition only, and good academic performance and comportment are required. There is no additional cost for this class.

Over a two-month period, Honors Chorale students attend after-school classes where they learn advanced pieces, including songs in two- or three-part harmony and foreign languages. Participants also receive sheet and recorded music for their respective voice parts to practice and learn at home.

The combined chorale, comprised of participants from several Utah campuses, concludes its season with a week of concerts. The students first travel to each participating campus to present a daytime concert for the student body, and they culminate their experience with a final evening performance for a large audience of relatives and friends.

Honors Chorale is a unique, enriching opportunity! Students forge new friendships with other students and teachers and gain discipline and performance skills. Challenger applauds the dedication and commitment of these students and their parents!

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