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Challenger Value: Rationality

At Challenger School, we are committed to empowering children with the values that will help them achieve joyful, productive lives. Rationality is one of the seven values that are at the core of our philosophy.

Rationality is the use of reason (as opposed to emotion or whim) to discover knowledge and guide our decisions. By the use of reason, we identify values and determine constructive or destructive actions and beliefs. This uniquely human ability permits us to apply logic to what our senses perceive—to choose courses of action that will either enhance or destroy life and happiness.

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Important Dates

October 14–18
National Geographic Bee (G4–8)
October 25
Mid-Term Notices Go Out (G1–8)
October 25 (NV)
Nevada Day—No School
October 25 (ID, UT)
Halloween Social/Dance (G6–8)
October 30–31
Halloween Dress-Up Days
October 31 (CA, NV, TX)
Halloween Social/Dance (G6–8)

Managing Child Behavior Workshop

Challenger teaches children to manage their behavior and make good choices. Learn how you can use these effective methods at home!

Our Managing Child Behavior Workshop on October 3 is offered at no cost to you and is designed to help parents equip children with the behavior management skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of success and happiness.

We’ll have some helpful resources available for purchase at the event.

See your invitation or visit our website for details.

Note: Childcare will be available on campus for children 2 years, 9 months and older. Cost is only $10 per child. Stop by the office today to reserve a spot for your child.

Columbus Day (K–G8)

Although not the first European to set foot in the new world, Christopher Columbus was an explorer, navigator, and colonizer who opened the way so that Europeans could settle in the Americas.

To commemorate people like Columbus who helped open the doors to freedom in the world, classes will discuss events surrounding the discovery of America, the founding of colonies such as Jamestown, and the significance of the European exploration of the American continents.

Geography Bee (G4–8)

This month, students will have the opportunity to answer questions about the world during our annual Geography Bee. Students may hone their knowledge of geography facts by going online and participating in the GeoBee Challenge by downloading the app.

Students will first compete in class. Finalists will advance to the campus bee. Challenger students have traditionally performed very well in this contest. Maybe your child will be our next geography whiz!

Fitness Challenge (G1–8)

Students in first through eighth grade will participate this school year in the Challenger Physical Fitness Program.

Physical fitness training will start this month in five events: curl-ups, the shuttle run, the endurance run, arm strength, and the sit and reach.

Students who achieve the qualifying standards in all events during official testing will receive a Physical Fitness Award at the end of the year.

Challenger Students Running

Communicating Student Academic Progress (G1–8)

Mid-term notices for students in grades 1–8 will be sent home later this month.

At the end of the semester, preschool teachers will prepare Reports of Progress for parents, and kindergarten–grade 8 teachers will send home Achievement Reports. See the Parent Calendar for dates. These official communications occur twice during the academic year.

Feel free to contact the school at any time if you’d like to meet with your child’s teacher.

Academic Progress

Halloween Fun! (PS–G8)

Halloween Dress-Up Day is October 31. (Preschool students in MWF programs will dress up on October 30.) Elementary students may wear either costumes or their uniforms to school that day. (It is not a free dress day.) Students who wear costumes will remain in the costume all day and should not plan on changing into other clothes. We encourage creative costumes, but remember that your child will have regular school activities all day. Please leave masks, glitter, and toy weapons at home.

Preschoolers may also dress up on their party day, and teachers will be in costume, too. Preschoolers will have games, an exciting skit, and lots of fun! Parties are geared for students in the intimate classroom setting; however, both preschool and kindergarten parents are welcome to watch a short parade. Look for a notice (PS) or check your Classroom News (K) for parade time.

Middle schoolers are also invited to a Halloween event on either October 25 (ID and UT) or October 31 (CA, NV, and TX).

Note: Please do not send food or favors to your child’s class. Challenger will provide a snack for the festivities.

Announcements Icon Announcements

In the Spotlight: Broadcom MASTERS Top 300

Five Challenger students were named to the Top 300 of the prestigious Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering Rising Stars) competition with their projects from last spring’s Science Fair. The contest seeks to inspire young scientists, engineers, and innovators to solve the grand challenges of the 21st century. Congratulations and continued success to Adhip R. and Diya K. of Sunnyvale (CA), Kunal K. of Traverse Mountain (UT), Namrata N. of Berryessa (CA), and Ruhi Y. of Ardenwood (CA). Outstanding work!

The Top 300 were selected from a pool of 2348 applicants from 47 states; Washington, D.C.; and two U.S. territories. Each of the Top 300 scored among the top 10% at regional science fairs across the nation. Thirty of the Top 300 will be selected as finalists.

Broadcom MASTERS Top 300

Picture Days (PS–G8)

During the school year, a professional photographer will be visiting campuses to take individual portraits for parents to purchase. Look for specific information to come from your campus.

Picture days are special function days. Preschoolers wear their uniforms, and students in K–8 must wear full special function uniforms, including the required sweaters and ties.

Visit Uniforms to view specifics about special function uniforms for this school year.

Challenger Phonics Fun Works!

Have you picked up your copy of the amazing Challenger Phonics Fun reading program yet?

With DVDs, music, and activities, Challenger Phonics Fun uses original, upbeat phonics songs and humor to teach critically important reading concepts. For children ages 2–8, Challenger Phonics Fun is a key to the world of reading.

In the words of a satisfied parent, “I can’t tell whether my child is having fun while learning or is learning while having fun!”

Our experience shows that our students learn faster and more confidently at school when they have Challenger Phonics Fun at home because it uses many of the same concepts and methods our teachers use in the classroom. Students recognize the characters and songs, and they have fun while reinforcing their learning!

For more information, stop by your campus, or purchase your kit online at TheLearningCrew.org. Kits will also be available for purchase at the Managing Child Behavior Workshop on October 3.

Phonics Fun

Learning Names

Your child is learning to print his or her name with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters. (Some names are exceptions to this rule.)

Send Us Alumni Stories!

We’d like to hear about the achievements, successes, and experiences of our alumni since graduation. Are you a Challenger graduate or the parent of one? Are you a teacher who has kept in touch with a former student?

Please update us. Submissions will be considered for publication in a future newsletter. Feel free to drop us a line at marketing@challengerschool.com.

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