November 2019 Challenger School Newsletter

 The Challenger Difference

Rights to Be Thankful For

As we gather our families around the holiday table, we give thanks for many things. When we count our blessings this Thanksgiving, let’s not forget to be thankful for property rights.

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 This Month

Important Dates

November 11
Veterans Day (K–8)
November 12
AMC 8 Math Test (G5–8)
November 25–26
Thanksgiving Feast Days (PS–K, K–8)
November 27–29
Thanksgiving Break—No School

Veterans Day (K–8)

Elementary students will commemorate Veterans Day with a special assembly. This day honors the countless American men and women who have defended freedom around the world.

Some students will have the opportunity to write to military personnel currently serving overseas. Others will read or hear first-hand accounts of veterans throughout U.S. history.

American Mathematic Competition (G5–8)

On November 12, all Challenger students in grades 5–8 will participate in the American Mathematic Competition (AMC) 8. The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills.

Over 150,000 students worldwide participate in the AMC 8. We are excited to be able to offer our students this opportunity to demonstrate and challenge their mathematical skills.

Students can prepare for and parents can find more information about the contest by visiting the Mathematical Association of America website.

Students will receive notification regarding their performance on the AMC 8 in mid-January. We hope that by participating in this contest, we can challenge and inspire students to want to develop their problem-solving skills.

Thanksgiving Feast Day (PS–K)

This month, preschoolers and kindergartners will learn about the first Thanksgiving and celebrate the holiday with an in-class feast (as applicable at your campus).

Look for a notice with the food item your child is invited to contribute to our meal. We will prepare this together as we enjoy the blessings of freedom and prosperity.

Thanksgiving Feast (K–8)

Feast Day is an opportunity to enjoy lunch with your child! On November 26, the lunch caterer will offer a special feast.* If you would like to attend, you may order a feast from the caterer for yourself and/or your child.

If you won’t be purchasing a Thanksgiving lunch for your child, please remember to send one from home. In the next few weeks, we will send more information to you.

(Preschool students will celebrate with an in-class feast and will not participate in the catered lunch. *Kindergarten participation varies by campus.)


Alumni Spotlight:

Sophia A. of Lone Mountain (NV)

Challenger congratulates Sophia A., a 2016 graduate of our Lone Mountain (NV) campus, who recently achieved perfect scores on both the ACT and SAT tests—on her first try!

Each year, fewer than one percent of the 1.9 million ACT test takers earn a perfect score of 36, and out of the approximately 1.7 million students who take the SAT test, only about 300 get a perfect score of 1600.

Sophia’s high school teachers expressed no surprise regarding her achievement, praising her meticulous preparation and outstanding work ethic.

In addition to being an exceptional student, Sophia participates in cross country and track and completed a mechanical engineering internship this summer.

Continued success to you, Sophia!

Christmas Sings (PS–G5) and Christmas Concerts (G6–8)

Students are excited to present their Christmas Sings and Christmas Concerts next month. As we get closer to the performance dates, check for schedules, and watch for invitations to these festive events.

I Can Read! Magnet Charts (PS)

As four-year-olds finish reading the blending books series, they’ll move on to the We’re Off! Pre-Reader series.

You’ll receive a magnet chart for the magnets your young reader will bring home after completing and returning each new book. This is a fun way to chart your child’s reading progress!

Science Fair

Science Fair fun has begun! Challenger students in grades 3–8 have received their packets and are already coming up with their projects for the 2020 Science Fair. K–2 classes will begin their projects in December. Science Fairs will take place during the last week of January.

Every year, our students continue to produce impressive projects. Please encourage your child as he or she works on this important assignment.

Outdoor Clothing

As the weather gets cooler, make sure that your child is dressed appropriately in outer clothes that she can handle with little assistance.

Please don’t send an umbrella with your child; when combined with backpacks and lunch boxes, an umbrella is difficult to manage.

We will go outside every day possible, despite the cold weather. Label all outerwear pieces just in case items end up in the lost-and-found.

Heard It in the Halls

Traverse Mountain (UT) campus—

Fifth grader Brock was interested in learning basic cooking skills this summer, so he practiced making breakfasts and lunches for himself.

One morning, as he was eating the scrambled pancetta eggs he had prepared, he marveled at their deliciousness and told his mother, “Self-reliance tastes so good!”

Holladay (UT) campus—

During story time, as his preschool class was studying the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf, four-year-old Yunqi informed his teachers that the book was wrong.

“Wolves are nocturnal,” he protested. “They wouldn’t be out during the day!”

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