May 2019 Challenger School Newsletter

 The Challenger Difference

Reward vs. Award

At Challenger, we show students the benefits they gain from the mental sweat of their academic pursuits. Students discover how the knowledge and skills they acquire enhance their lives, and they learn to live and think independently.

We admire the attainment of worthwhile goals and find inspiration in recognizing others who excel. Challenger students know that it is through their hard work and achievement, rather than the award given, that they find the rewards of joy and self-worth. Congratulations to the achievers in this issue!

 This Month

Important Dates

April 29–May 3 (PS)
Spring Programs

May 6–10 (K–G5)
Spring Programs and Art Fair

May 6–10 (G1–5)
Computer Programming Fair

May 13–17 (G6–8)
Spring Programs, Art Fair, and Computer Programming Fair

May 27
Memorial Day—No School

May 31 (G6–8)
Graduation Dance/Social

Spring Programs and More!

Can you believe it’s time again for Challenger’s Spring Programs? All of our programs are original, written specifically for our talented Challenger students.

You will be impressed and delighted with the musical performances of our preschool through fifth grade students.

Our middle school programs are designed to greatly develop students’ theatrical poise and delivery. Both the music and the scripts are more mature and challenging than in previous grades. Students must audition for lead roles.

Sixth graders will present a readers’ theater that will spark your imagination and tickle your funny bone. Seventh grade classes will deliver a one-act play in which they will display their budding thespian abilities. Our eighth graders will perform a challenging historical production which includes period costumes, dances, and music. (Note: At various campuses, some grades and classes have combined for the programs.)

For each program, we will provide a handout that offers a small peek into the music and drama performed in your child’s class.

During the weeks of elementary and middle school programs, peruse the outstanding kindergarten through eighth grade Young Author books. Visit classrooms to see Computer Programming Fair projects from grades one through eight. And don’t forget to wander through the Art Fair to enjoy a sampling of impressive artistic student work.

You won’t want to miss these wonderful events. It’s amazing what our students can do!

Watch for an invitation with exact dates and times, or download a schedule from your campus page. Invite your neighbors, friends, and family—Challenger Spring Programs are fun for everyone!


Super Scientists

This year, Challenger students continued the tradition of achievement in the field of science.

Many students placed in regional Science Fair events, and quite a few also qualified for state Science Fair competitions and the Broadcom MASTERS contest.

The Sunnyvale campus received the Outstanding School award, and teacher Swapna Mayya was recognized as the Outstanding Teacher at the Synopsys Science & Technology Championship.

Steven W. of Traverse Mountain was named the Junior Division Grand Champion at the Central Utah STEM Fair, and several other students received specialty awards at their competitions and qualified to advance to state contests.

First-place category winners included:

From left, top: Steven W. of Traverse Mountain, Aditi K. and Ruhi Y. of Ardenwood, and Danica K. and Samanya G. of Shawnee (CA); Second row: Nikhil W. and Victoria W. of Lone Mountain (NV), David H. and Arvind K. of Salt Lake (UT), and Namrata N. of Berryessa (CA); Bottom: Sunnyvale’s (CA) winning team, including first-place finishers Safaa H., Diya K., Adhip R., Nikita S., Sonia S., and Anirudh V.

Stellar Spellers

A number of Challenger students (below) competed in qualifying contests for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Shradha R. of Strawberry Park and Vayun K. of Middlefield qualified to compete in the national event later this month.

Shradha R. (left) of Strawberry Park and Vayun K. of Middlefield, (both CA)

Aswin S. of Berryessa (CA), Christiana C. of Sandy (UT), Diya G. of Traverse Mountain (UT), Michael Z. of Traverse Mountain (UT), Neil R. of Salt Lake (UT), Nicholas E. of Salt Lake (UT), Ravi S. of Avery Ranch (TX), Rohit S. of Sandy (UT), Shradha R. of Strawberry Park (CA), Vayun K. of Middlefield (CA)

Geography Geniuses

Several Challenger students (below) advanced to state finals of the National Geographic Bee, and fifth grader Jack S. of Lone Mountain won the Nevada state bee!

Jack S. of Lone Mountain (NV)

Adi N. of Salt Lake (UT), Akshat B. of Berryessa (CA), Jack S. of Lone Mountain (NV), Priyanka M. of Sandy (UT), Quinn D. of Silverado (NV), Steven W. of Traverse Mountain (UT), Sudhanva B. of Strawberry Park (CA), Tyler E. of Everest (ID), Vaibhav R. of Shawnee (CA)

Winning Writers

Each year, Challenger fifth through eighth graders participate in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) American History Essay Contest. Essays are judged for historical accuracy, adherence to topic, organization of materials, interest, originality, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and neatness.

Challenger students traditionally perform extremely well in this contest, and this year was no exception. Many campuses reported chapter award winners from the contest—in several chapters, Challenger students swept the awards for every grade—and a number of students advanced to win at the district, state, and region levels!

District, State, and Region Winners

From left, top: Ava S., Devan U., and Alyssa G. of Silverado (NV); Naisha J. of Middlefield and Ishana W. and Jack R. of Sunnyvale (all CA); Bottom: Raffi N., Cole R., and Enzo B. of Everest (ID); Mason L. and Sam L. of Traverse Mountain and Priyanka M. of Sandy (all UT)

Chapter Winners
Adelina C. of Berryessa (CA), Allen N. of Salt Lake (UT), Benjamin T. of Middlefield (CA), Callie F. of Traverse Mountain (UT), David H. of Salt Lake (UT), Diya G. of Traverse Mountain (UT), Ella A. of Sandy (UT), Eva D. of Salt Lake (UT), Joshua B. of Almaden (CA), Kaden L. of Ardenwood (CA), Kira S. of Sandy (UT), Krish P. of Ardenwood (CA), Maddie B. of Silverado (NV), Madeleine L. of Almaden (CA), Maggie Z. of Middlefield (CA), Medha P. of Avery Ranch (TX), Paulina X. of Middlefield (CA), Sanika S. of Ardenwood (CA), Sarina M. of Avery Ranch (TX), Shradha C. of Ardenwood (CA), Sidney D. of Salt Lake (UT), Vasin S. of Avery Ranch (TX), Vincent K. of Berryessa (CA)

Some Exciting Accomplishments

We applaud the dedication and hard work of the many students who distinguished themselves this year in outside activities, including these achievers:

  • Sixth grader Arin P. of Almaden (CA) is the National Middle School Individual Champion in Quiz Bowl!
  • Sahas G. of Strawberry Park (CA) won a first place award at the Academic Competition Enterprises Science Championship and qualified for the 2019 Science World Fair in Atlanta this June. Additionally, he was named Science Bee and Academic Bee regional champion at a privately sponsored event.
  • Congratulations to Shawnee’s (CA) Noopur G. who, with her partner, won the Experienced Public Forum Debate category at a local tournament.
  • Lone Mountain’s (NV) Science Olympiad team was recently named state champion for the tenth consecutive year!
  • Second graders Bowen D. and Adam D. of Traverse Mountain (UT) and Aradhana A. of Ardenwood (CA) all achieved first place finishes in local chess competitions this year. Teams from Traverse Mountain and Sandy represented Challenger well at the Utah State Elementary Chess Tournament, finishing second and third, respectively.
  • Because of her gold medal at the International Young Gifted Musicians Festival, Lumina L. of Lone Mountain (NV) was invited to perform a piano piece at Carnegie Hall.
  • Salt Lake eighth grader Carter J. was the overall winner of the Diocesan Science Fair and was named Young Scientist of the Year.
  • Teams from Berryessa and Sunnyvale (both CA) won First Lego League qualifying tournaments. Congratulations to Elements of Excellence and the all-girl Techno Diamonds!

Summer School

Have you heard about Challenger Adventureland? During our summer school program, children will go on imaginary themed trips each week as they learn phonics, numbers, and so much more. Classes begin June 17. See your school office to apply today!

Important Dates for 2019–20

Mark your calendars for our two main breaks for next school year. Challenger will not be in session during the dates listed below:

Winter Break
Dec. 23–Jan. 3
All Regions
Spring Break
March 16–20
March 23–27
April 6–10

Updated Uniform Policy

This fall, Challenger will begin the process of updating a few uniform items. To facilitate the transition, students may wear current uniforms and continue to dress according to the 2018–2019 uniform policy during the 2019–20 school year. New items, which will be available late summer or early fall through, may also be worn, but students will not be required to completely transition to updated uniforms until fall 2020.

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