March 2020 Challenger School Newsletter

 The Challenger Difference

Challenger Preschool Teaches Skills for Life

Parents frequently ask us how we handle children when they misbehave, and we often answer that children at Challenger preschool don’t have time to misbehave. Even though that is true, it is only part of the answer. We also teach students skills to manage themselves so they can learn to recognize and apply the benefits of doing so.

It would be much easier when a child acts up to demand that the child stop misbehaving and punish him. But that doesn’t happen at Challenger School because we know that technique doesn’t work; nor does it teach skills for improvement. We’re serious when we state that we “prepare children to become self-reliant, productive individuals . . .” To do this requires a well-planned schedule, an interesting and challenging curriculum, and patient teachers who provide clear, consistent expectations and offer positive reinforcement as the students learn and successfully apply what they are being taught.

Yes, we teach reading, math, logic, art, science, and music. Teaching self-management skills, however, is an equally important and critical area of focus in a Challenger preschool. Every activity, routine, and lesson taught at Challenger is also designed to help students learn how to manage themselves in one of the following four ways:

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 This Month

Important Dates

Date Event
March 4 Open Houses for Prospective Parents
March 16–20 (K–G8) Speech Festival † (CA, ID, NV, UT)
March 16–20 Spring Break—No School (TX)
March 23–27 Spring Break—No School (ID)
March 30–April 2 (K–G8) Standardized Testing (CA, NV, UT)
March 30–April 3 (K–G8) Speech Festival † (TX)
March 31 (G8) Washington, D.C., Final Parent Meeting

† Special function uniform required

Last Chance—Enter Now to Win!

Have you submitted your entry to the Comic Contest yet? All grade 2–8 students are eligible. Please email your entry (scan or file) to by March 9, 2020.

Include the following:
• Your full name
• Your grade
• Your campus

Refer to the flyer that was sent home last month. We can’t wait to see your fantastic submissions!

March Fun (PS)

In conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day, Challenger preschool students will learn about Irish folklore during the month of March.

Mid-Term Notices (G1–8)

You will receive a report of your child’s academic progress this month. Our students have accomplished much already this year and are continuing to learn and achieve.

Spring Break

Please make arrangements for child care during this time. Here are the dates to keep in mind for each region:

Texas  March 16–20
Idaho  March 23–27
California, Nevada and Utah  April 6–10

Standardized Testing (K–8)

Challenger School will be conducting standardized testing in the coming weeks. California, Nevada, and Utah campuses will be testing the week of March 30 and Idaho and Texas campuses the week of April 6.

Our students have a history of performing very well on national standardized tests. We are confident that this year’s results will also be impressive.

Tips for Test Days

Make sure your child:
1. Gets a good night’s sleep.
2. Eats a nutritious breakfast.
3. Arrives on time each day.


Science Fair Success

We are very proud of our budding scientists who used the scientific method to explore their world at last month’s Science Fair.

Their projects showed careful thinking and research, and their presentations showed poise and confidence.

Spring Programs (PS–8)

Students are looking forward to performing their Spring Programs beginning on April 27.

Ask your child to sing the songs he has been learning at school. It will help him to practice and will be a treat for you, too!

Computer Programming Fair (G1–8)

This May, all Challenger students in grades 1–8 will showcase their creativity, problem-solving, and programming skills in computer projects that will be displayed during the weeks of Spring Programs.

Students will design and complete their projects during computer class. The projects will fulfill specific requirements and challenge students to use their independence and the logical and creative skills they have acquired over the course of the year.

We know you will enjoy seeing what our talented students can do!

Tax Number

For those who need it for their tax returns, Challenger’s tax ID is 47-1405971.

Heard It in the Halls

Boise Bloom (ID) campus—After her preschool class had discussed the solar system, four-year-old Alivia mused to her teacher, “Earth is the only planet that people live on. Wonder Woman lives on a planet that we don’t learn about.”

“Alivia,” responded her teacher, “Wonder Woman and other superheroes are pretend, and so are their home planets.”

Alivia thought for a moment before replying. “But we have real superheroes on our planet!”

“We do?” asked her teacher.

“Yes!” asserted Alivia. “The army and all the soldiers are my superheroes every day!”

Learning Curve

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