January 2020 Challenger School Newsletter

 The Challenger Difference

What Does the Future Look Like for Your Child?

As we turn the corner to 2020, we are excited about the progress students have already shown, and we eagerly anticipate the achievements they’ll attain in the months ahead. A Challenger education is a priceless investment!

In January, students have the opportunity to visit classrooms to see for themselves the exciting lessons and concepts coming up in the next grade level. We do this in order to “preview” for your child the great learning experiences ahead. The concepts your child has learned this year will be strengthened and connected to new ideas as he transitions to a new grade.

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 This Month

Important Dates

January 6
Priority Enrollment Begins
Student Previews Begin
January 13
Parent Previews Begin
January 20
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—No School
January 21
Open Enrollment Begins
January 23–24 (PS–K)
Small World Days
January 25
Open House—All Campuses
January 27 (K–8)
Science Fair This Week

Priority Enrollment This Month

Current students must reapply every year before open enrollment begins to ensure priority consideration.

Current Challenger students and their siblings have an opportunity to apply for the 2020–2021 school year before enrollment opens to the public. An application packet will be sent home this month with your enrolled child.

Parent Previews of Kindergarten

To prepare parents for the transition from preschool to kindergarten, classroom previews occur this month. Please come to meet our kindergarten teachers and watch the kindergarten activities.

We will send invitations indicating times, dates, and locations.

Open Houses for Prospective Challenger Parents

In the coming weeks, prospective Challenger parents will have several opportunities to visit Challenger campuses to learn more about our powerful programs.

For specific dates and times in your area, visit the campus pages on our website, and spread the word to your friends who are interested in enrolling their children at Challenger.

Achievement Reports (K–G8)

You will receive a report of your child’s academic progress this month. Our students have accomplished much already this year and are continuing to learn and achieve.

Small World Day (PS–K)

This month, Challenger preschoolers and kindergartners will be learning about other lands and peoples. They will explore and share traditions, songs, dances, and stories.

On Small World Day, preschool students may wear clothing that is representative of their family’s heritage or country of origin. Kindergarten students will wear the Challenger uniform, but they may add a scarf, vest, pendant, or other accessory representing their ancestry or one of the nations they have studied. (Please be sure to consider safety when planning attire.)

We encourage children to bring photographs, books, or other items about their ancestry or heritage for this in-class curriculum event. Please mark pieces carefully with your name and phone number so we can make sure they are returned to you afterward.

Note: This is an in-class curriculum activity. We will provide a snack for the festivities, so please do not send treats with your child.

Science Fair (K–G8)

In preparation for this month’s Science Fair, students are conducting experiments using the scientific method. In a few weeks, they’ll be displaying the results of their investigations. Our clever Challenger students would love to have you stop by to peruse their exhibits and discuss their projects with them.

The fair will feature ingenious and thought-provoking experiments and inventions. Science Fairs will be held January 27–31.

Penmanship Practice Pages (All-Day 4-Year-Olds)

At Challenger, we focus on hand strength and coordination to make the transition to penmanship easy. Beginning this month, to further develop penmanship skills, students will receive additional practice pages to help them learn Challenger manuscript.

Each day, all-day 4-year-olds will participate in activities that will teach “posture power” (the correct posture and positioning for good penmanship), pencil grip, and strokes for proper writing and letter formation.

Watch for each penmanship practice page to see what your child is learning and to keep track of her progress!


Half-Day Enrollment Considerations

Are morning classes always better for preschoolers? We’ve noticed that preschool and kindergarten children who attend half-day afternoon classes sometimes perform better academically than those who attend morning classes!

Some children are full of energy in the morning and by afternoon are quite receptive to settling down to learn, sing, and play with friends and teachers. This leaves parents free for their own afternoon activities. Traffic is often more friendly in the afternoons, too.

Children who may be accustomed to napping in the afternoon can easily adjust to an afternoon schedule by going to bed earlier or rising later in the morning.

Whether you choose morning or afternoon classes, we provide many wonderful learning opportunities and a great deal of fun for your child.

Cold Weather Wear

During these winter months, please make sure that your child is prepared to go out for recess every day.

Depending on where you live, your child may need boots, gloves or mittens, and a hat in addition to a coat. Make sure to mark all items with your child’s name in case anything gets misplaced.

Tax Number

For those who need it for their tax returns, Challenger’s tax ID is 47-1405971.

Heard It in the Halls

Boise Bloom (ID) campus—Kindergartner Avery and her sister Adalynn, a preschooler, were discussing Small World Days.

“Today we visited Antarctica!” Avery excitedly told her sister.

Adalynn crinkled her face incredulously. “How did you get to the bottom of the world and back in one day?”

Avery smiled broadly and replied, “We travel all over the world in our imaginations!”

Learning Curve

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