February 2019 Challenger School Newsletter

 The Challenger Difference

Why Challenger Students Are Successful

by Hugh Gourgeon, Challenger CEO

Why do discerning parents decide to enroll their children at Challenger? It’s simple, really. People choose Challenger because we get results.

Students at Challenger are confident and responsible. Preschoolers know their letters and sounds. First graders learn how to classify animals. Third graders are poised public speakers, fifth graders learn how to prove the Pythagorean Theorem, and eighth graders are able to explain that inflation is a hidden tax. Challenger students are excited about school and love to learn.

Parents and teachers alike are drawn to Challenger School because they recognize the Challenger difference and are enthusiastic about giving students the best education possible—the very means to living a happy and successful life.

So what is behind Challenger students’ success?

  1. We understand motivation and make learning fun for children.
  2. We take a conceptual approach to teaching.
  3. We manage classrooms for maximum learning.
  4. We don’t underestimate children.

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 This Month

Important Dates

February 5, 12, 23
Open Houses for Prospective Parents
February 7–8
Reports of Progress Sent Home (PS)
February 13–14
Valentine Fun (PS)
February 14
Valentine Parties (K–G5)
February 15
Founders Assembly
February 18
Presidents’ Day—No School
February 28 (New Students)
Managing Child Behavior Workshop
March 1
Middle School Dance/Social (G6–8)

Open Houses for Prospective Challenger Parents

Prospective Challenger parents will continue to have opportunities to visit Challenger campuses in the coming weeks. Please tell friends interested in enrolling their children at Challenger about these upcoming Open Houses.

Many Open Houses are held during the school day so that parents can see the fun, learning, and excitement for themselves. All regions will hold Open Houses on the dates below.

Reports of Progress (PS)

Watch for Reports of Progress we’ll be sending home this month. These reports give you information about your child’s participation in class and academic progress in school.

Valentine Fun (PS–G5)

Valentine’s Day is recognized as a day to send tokens of appreciation to those who are important to us. At Challenger, we have Valentine activities to celebrate the day. Students may bring valentine cards for their classmates if they wish.

Note: Please do not send food, toys, or gifts with your child. Treats will be provided by Challenger.

Presidents’ Day

There will be no school on Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 18. In conjunction with the occasion, Challenger campuses will hold spirit assemblies the previous week to remember American heritage and our nation’s founders.

Middle School Dance/Social (G6–8)

Students in grades 6–8 will gather for a fun event on March 1. Your campus will provide more information.

Save the date, and get ready to relax and enjoy a great time with your friends and classmates!

Managing Child Behavior Workshop

Our February 28 Managing Child Behavior Workshop is designed for parents who missed our fall workshop. This workshop will review information presented in our fall session. However, parents who have attended previously and who would find value in a review are welcome to join us. Watch for an invitation to this free event.


Speech Festival (K–G8)

Students are gearing up for the upcoming Speech Festival, which will take place March 18–22 (April 8–12 in Texas).

From their first days at Challenger, students learn to express their ideas clearly. They memorize valuable, inspiring poetry and meaningful selections while learning to speak logically and convincingly.

The Speech Festival is a wonderful opportunity for students to exhibit their mastery of the art of oratory. They are fearless and brilliant in conveying their ideas to others, a skill which will continue to serve them well throughout life.

Spring Break

Though winter may have a firm grip at this time of year, spring is coming! In March and April, Challenger campuses will take time off for Spring Break. Please make arrangements for child care during this time. Here are the dates to keep in mind for each region:

Texas  March 18–22
Idaho  March 25–29
California and Utah  April 1–5
Nevada  April 15–19

Enrollment Considerations (PS)

In Challenger preschool, your child is in a stimulating learning environment. Our curriculum is fun-filled with phonics, math, science, activities, music, and thinking skills in all our programs. Students and teachers are excited to come to school each day.

To maximize your child’s preschool experience, consider an all-day program, where he’ll get even more of the learning he loves!

Comic Contest (G2–8)

Attention students in grades 2–8:

Are you artistic? Are you witty and clever? Are you good at creating things on your computer?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, submit an entry to the Learning Curve Contest! Are you up to the challenge?

Please email your entry (scan or file) to Marketing@ChallengerSchool.com by March 4, 2019. The winning entry will appear in the April newsletter.

Include the following:
• Your full name
• Your grade
• Your campus

We can’t wait to see your submissions!

Tax Number

For those who need it for their tax returns, Challenger’s tax ID is 47-1405971.

Heard It in the Halls

Round Rock (TX) campus—When 4-year-old Choice went to the eye doctor for an exam, the doctor asked him to identify shapes on a chart. When the doctor pointed to a five-sided-figure, Choice answered, “Pentagon.”

“Yes,” commended the doctor, “it’s a house.”

Confidently yet politely, Choice corrected him. “A house isn’t a shape; that’s a pentagon.”

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