Challenger Value: Rationality

At Challenger School, we are committed to empowering children with the values that will help them achieve joyful, productive lives. Rationality is one of the seven values that are at the core of our philosophy.

Rationality is the use of reason (as opposed to emotion or whim) to discover knowledge and guide our decisions. By the use of reason, we identify values and determine constructive or destructive actions and beliefs. This uniquely human ability permits us to apply logic to what our senses perceive—to choose courses of action that will either enhance or destroy life and happiness.

The first step to being rational is to obtain a careful understanding of the facts. What is, IS. People can have various perceptions of reality, but there is only one truth. The rational person recognizes reality for what it is, neither inventing it nor pretending that it does not exist.

The second step of rationality is to base thinking on observable facts. One must make a commitment to precise, clear thinking and develop conceptual faculties.

The third step is to examine the facts; then, with a commitment to thinking, use careful logic to arrive at conclusions that are without contradiction.

When we use logic and reason to distinguish between belief and knowledge, we keep our minds open to learning.

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