April 2019 Challenger School Newsletter

 This Month

Important Dates

April 1 (TX)
Standardized Testing Begins

April 1–5 (CA, UT)
Spring Break—No School

April 1–5
Grade 8 D.C. Trip

April 8 (ID, NV)
Standardized Testing Begins

April 8–12 (TX)
Speech Festival

April 15–19 (NV)
Spring Break—No School

April 25–26 (PS–K)
Teddy Bear Picnics

April 29 (PS)
Spring Programs Begin

Eighth Graders Visit Washington, D.C.

This month, more than 170 Challenger eighth graders are touring exciting American historic landmarks and sites in and around Washington, D.C. This trip, which is offered to our eighth graders each year, provides students with a memorable and eagerly anticipated educational experience.

It can be very inspiring for students to personally connect themselves to significant events in America’s history that fueled man’s quest for freedom. And traveling with informed Challenger chaperones helps bring to life some of the knowledge, ideals, and values learned in the classroom.

In addition, by traveling across the country unaccompanied by parents, students practice independence and the joy of self-management. This trip is a wonderful learning experience for our soon-to-be graduates!

Patriots’ Day (K–8)

In class this month, elementary and middle school students will commemorate Patriots’ Day.

This day marks the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first military engagements of the Revolutionary War, which were fought on April 19, 1775.

On this date, the war began, but more importantly, a momentous idea took root—government of, by, and for the people.

Teddy Bear Picnic (PS–K)

At the end of this month, we will celebrate the arrival of spring with our Teddy Bear Picnic. Each student may bring a favorite stuffed animal guest to the picnic.

Spring Programs (PS–8) and So Much More!

Challenger’s 2019 Spring Programs are coming at the end of this month! When you come for a performance, don’t miss these other exciting things.

Art Fair (K–8)

Exemplary artwork will be on display. All K–8 students have created pieces for the Art Fair, and the top projects from each class will be showcased. You won’t want to miss it.

Computer Programming Fair (G1–8)

Be sure to also stop by classrooms to check out the displays of computer programming prowess. Students are designing and completing their projects during computer class. We know you will enjoy seeing what our talented students can do!

Young Author (K–8)

Students are in the process of creating their Young Author projects, which will also be on display during the week of Spring Programs.

They are developing short stories as they concentrate on enhancing their creative writing. Both students and teachers enjoy working on these rewarding projects.


Learning Curve Contest Winner: Paula L. of Lone Mountain (NV)

Congratulations to seventh grader Paula L. of Lone Mountain (NV), who designed this clever comic.

We thank all students who submitted entries to the contest. We received 45 entries from 14 campuses—the most ever!

Challenger School certainly has many talented and witty artists.

Important Dates for 2019–20

Mark your calendars now for our two main breaks during next school year. Challenger will not be in session during the dates listed below:

Winter Break
Dec. 23–Jan. 3 All Regions
Spring Break
March 16–20 TX
March 23–27 ID
April 6–10 CA, NV, UT

Updated Uniform Policy

This fall, Challenger will begin the process of updating a few uniform items. To facilitate the transition, students may wear current uniforms and continue to dress according to the 2018–2019 uniform policy during the 2019–20 school year. New items, which will be available late summer or early fall through ScholarWear.com, may also be worn, but students will not be required to completely transition to updated uniforms until fall 2020.


Because of their fine performances on the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8 and AMC 10 tests, three Challenger students qualified to take the American Invitational Mathematics Examination.

Congratulations and continued success to Praneeth T. and Arianna C., eighth graders from Shawnee (CA), and Brian B., a sixth grader from Berryessa (CA).

Well done!

Summer Adventureland

Have you heard about Challenger Adventureland? During our summer school program, children will go on imaginary trips each week as they learn phonics, numbers, and so much more.

Classes begin June 17. See your campus office for details.

Preschoolers (including those in all-day classes) need to re-enroll for summer.

Tax Number

The tax deadline is near! Challenger’s tax ID is 47-1405971.

Heard It in the Halls

Farmington campus (UT)—Kindergartner Winston’s mother, inquiring about his Young Author project, asked her son, “What is the subject of your story?”

When Winston responded that the story was about him, she replied, “Well, that makes sense, because you’re the best subject I know!”

Winston quipped, “Actually, Mom, I’m the best subject and predicate!”

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