Challenger School

Tuition and Fees

Know the facts before you commit to any school.

Challenger School is an independent private school. Tuition, registration, book fees, and uniform purchases completely fund your child's education. We solicit no additional funds.

To preserve our independence, we do not accept public funds. However, as a non-profit entity we accept private, tax-deductible donations from entities wishing to contribute to our educational mission.

While some schools will still charge you for months of tuition after you withdraw your child (with some requiring payment for the entire year!), we prefer to earn tuition for services actually rendered.

We teach our students that justice is granting and taking only what is earned, and we strive to operate Challenger School in a just manner. That’s why we charge a daily rate for days your child is enrolled.

For example, if your child starts on the 15th, your tuition begins on the 15th. Conversely, if you withdraw your child on the 15th, your tuition ends on the 15th.


Monthly tuition varies based on program (half-day preschool to middle school) and region.
General tuition ranges for the 2015-16 academic year are:











Referral Tuition Discount
For 2015–16, Challenger is offering a 15% referral tuition discount program. This can be a great way for current customers and their friends to save on tuition, since both referral and referrer get the 15% discount. See 15–16 program flyer for details.

For 2016–17, Challenger is offering a 15% referral tuition discount program in CA and TX.
See 16–17 program flyer for details.

Tuition may be paid monthly or annually by direct debit or online bill pay. The school gives discounts for early returning enrollment, multiple sibling children from the same family, and prepayment of annual tuition.

Registration fees vary by program between $20 and $100.

Book fees are between $130 and $250, depending upon grade level.

A testing fee of $25-30 covers the cost of a placement assessment for new elementary and middle school students.

Uniforms are competitively priced, durable, and of excellent quality.  

Please visit your local Challenger School to pick up an Application and Policies packet, which details the exact prices and programs.