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Open House (California Campuses)—Tuesday, April 8

Come see our classes in action—you will be impressed!

Our Open Houses are held during school hours so you can see the excitement, focus, fun, and achievement for yourself. Come see how we do what we do in the classroom. Tour the campus, meet the staff, and learn about Challenger's programs and enrollment.

All California campuses are participating. Open house hours are from 9 a.m.—5 p.m.



Come See What We Do!

Drop–in tours are available any time. Bring your child, your curiosity and your questions—no appointment needed!



2013 Standardized Test Results

On the 2013 Iowa Assessments, Challenger's average kindergartener outscored 98 of 100 test takers at her grade level. Our average eighth grader outscored 99 of 100.



A percentile ranking pinpoints a student's performance among same-grade peers (nationally, in this case). The ranking indicates what percentage of test takers a student outperforms. Ninety-nine is the highest possible ranking.

Here are some Challenger ranking highlights:

  • 43% of kindergartners achieved a rank of 99.
  • 59% of 8th graders achieved a rank of 99.
  • 70% of Challenger students achieved a rank of 90 or higher!
  • Between 5th and 6th grades, the average Challenger student reaches the performance level expected of a college freshman on the assessment.


The Iowa Assessments gauge academic performance in reading, language, and mathematics. The results demonstrate that Challenger preschoolers enter kindergarten with advanced skills and knowledge, and that students who attend Challenger through middle school achieve an extraordinary academic advantage (92% of Challenger 8th graders score at or above the 90th percentile).



Challenger School Is Hiring

Challenger School is looking for extraordinary people.

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