Challenger School


One of the best gauges of a school's success is the satisfaction of its customers. For firsthand feedback about Challenger School's programs, read this sampling of the many glowing letters and notes Challenger School has received from parents and former students.




"What we found [at Challenger] was not just a well-regarded school with high academic standards, but an environment of learning that encouraged self-reliance, independent thinking, and a healthy pride in one's accomplishments. This was complemented by a staff that genuinely cared about each and every student's success. As we watched through the classroom windows, we saw students at every grade level that enjoyed learning and were actively participating in the

class activities...


Few investments parents can make for their child's future provide such a great return."


--Bruce and Tammy, Challenger parents



"Only as an adult can I retrospectively judge my childhood and the impact your school system had on me....Because of the compassion and dedication your school had for its students, I left with a hunger for more...


In short, the education I received at Challenger went beyond education, and the tools I obtained in those few years were probably the most important things I ever learned. Challenger gave me the [desire] to know more, the need to push myself, and the tools to do so [and enjoy]

the process..."


--Natalie S., former Challenger student



"We truly appreciate the time and commitment that was shown to [our son]. He thrived at Challenger School in both academics and his attitude and behavior....It is refreshing to have the staff so positive every day and always thrilled to see my children. We will continue to have [our daughter] in your preschool program and have been happy with her results as well. It is nice to have my children happy to go to school every day."


--Stephanie B., Challenger parent



"I must sing the praises of the Challenger School faculty and staff....I am truly amazed daily with the things my son is learning. He [often] injects some bit of wisdom into our conversation or spouts a random fact he has learned. [When I inquire] where he learned the tidbit, he always beams and proudly states, 'At Challenger School, of course!'"


--Jennifer M., Challenger parent



"The quality and the caring at Challenger School are very high. Teachers seem to have the time needed to spend with each child. The feeling there is very positive.


We looked to Challenger to help provide a foundation for our children that would ensure their success later. There is no comparison with most of the other kids who don't have the

same foundation.


I am happy to have sent my children to Challenger. I would highly recommend the school

to others."


--Linda R., Challenger parent



"At Challenger, [my son] learned a lot and enjoyed a nurturing and high quality education over the past few years. He has many teachers he admires. In fact, he wrote an essay yesterday. The topic was 'Who do you admire the most?' Not to my surprise, he wrote about his teacher.


[Your school has] the friendliest and most considerate of all front office staff, and we're also very appreciative of the principal's leadership and good work."


--Ram R., Challenger parent



"My thanks to all the staff members who stand out in the bitter cold to get all the kids out of the cars safely each morning. Even on freezing cold mornings, they're smiling." 


--Esther C., Challenger parent



"My kindergartner will absolutely be back! I just love the school and the progress she makes, although I have to say arguing with her now is quite exhausting--with her articulation and logic, I just can't say 'Because I said so' any more! But I guess that is why I want her to go [to Challenger]
--to be an individual who thinks for herself."


--Aimee S., Challenger parent



"When [our son] came home on Monday with the little book, we didn't expect him to read yet, as English is not his first language, and this is only the fourth week of school. [Then he] opened up the book and began to read each word out loud by applying the phonics principles that you've been teaching in class....I made the best decision of my life to send [him] to Challenger. He is already much more advanced than others at his age and I am sure this is only the beginning."  


--May L., Challenger parent



"We can't say thank you enough--not only for being a child's wonderland, but also for being a parent's dream come true....Our family looks forward to many years of growing, learning, and developing with you."


--Sheetal S., Challenger parent



"Your school was very impressive to me. I have just relocated from Texas and was looking for a school for my son. I interviewed many schools in the area...and I found that Challenger had the most academic environment. I especially was quite impressed by a young woman I spoke to on the phone. She was very courteous and answered all my questions in full detail."


--Amit S., Challenger parent



"It is our great pleasure to express our happiness with both of [our daughter's] teachers. We really appreciate their hard work to [help her] shine. [The headmaster] has been so easy to approach and a great mentor for teachers. When we parents meet at birthday parties or for play dates, we cannot stop praising [him] as a leader of [ Challenger School ]. We are not worried for our children's futures because of you all do for them."


--Mona and Shailesh S., Challenger parents



"We really want to thank you for all your help. We really miss Challenger School, the academics, and the nurturing environment. In the last two years we have wished many times that we had not moved away from [the area]. We have visited so many private schools, but not even one comes close to the great program offered by your school."


--Nidhi R., Challenger parent



"I feel like public schools aim for mediocrity by setting limits on kids. 'You're in first grade, so you can't do this...' or 'You're in second grade, so you can only do this.' Hey, my first grade daughter in Challenger is writing paragraphs, reading far beyond her grade level, and completing science reports! At Challenger, they truly challenge her instead of setting limitations because of her age.


I particularly like the way Challenger involves parents in homework assignments. I think one of the reasons our daughter has progressed so well is because she brings things home to work on, and to read, with us. The school really lives up to its name."


--Robert W., Challenger parent


"Challenger is an excellent school. When my oldest son was getting ready for preschool, I started looking around. Once I saw Challenger, there was no question in my mind as to what the perfect preschool would be for him. They were simply head and shoulders above the other schools I looked at.


I am very impressed with the teachers and the principal. Every one of my questions or concerns is met head-on. They are really on top of everything and show great concern for the kids. And self-esteem is such a high priority. I would definitely recommend others to Challenger. Definitely. I drive 400 miles a week to take my kids there. I think that says it's worth it for us."


--Liz S., Challenger parent



"I really see my children's self-esteem growing. They feel great about themselves. The classes are small and very individualized. My children's teachers have the time and make the effort to get to know my children. It's incredible what they are able to teach my kids!


I have a 3-year-old in preschool, a kindergartner, and a first-grader. And they all love school. They love to learn. They're happy and excited to be there. They love to do their homework. They love to read. They receive constant praise for their work from their teachers which makes them even more eager to learn and to do better."


--Diane R., Challenger parent



"Our son misses you and the Challenger School so very much. We have been looking for a school like Challenger [in our new town], but nothing compares to the quality of teaching and the great environment of your school."


--Mr. and Mrs. H., Challenger parents