Challenger School

 Starting Early and Starting Right

The remarkable, rapid development of a child’s brain includes unique windows of opportunity. Before birth, genetic information dictates the pre-wiring of circuits in the brain for those processes that control breathing, heartbeat, and other functions necessary for a baby to live outside the womb.

Although children are born with 100 billion neurons (nerve cells)—that’s as many stars as are in the Milky Way—most of the 1,000 trillion synapses (connections between neurons) will be made after birth. The stimulation that the brain receives after birth creates the connections for intelligence.

Our teaching methods maintain the circuits in the brain and help your child build new ones. The more children use those connections, the easier the workout becomes and the more time they can devote to learning new things.

Challenge and Learning
Children love challenge—but there is a fine line between the “just right” challenges that the mind and its circuits thirst for and the “far too much” pressure that leads to stress and discouragement. We provide challenge in realistic and attainable amounts, so children achieve. We will challenge your child to think and reach for high expectations—it really is fun!