Challenger School

    Challenger's Educational Philosophy

Challenger helps children become individuals led by neither peer pressure nor common sentiment, but by the strength of their own thinking.

We begin by building a foundation. Mastery of the disciplines that make up the bedrock of knowledge—reading, composition, math, history, and logic—expands a student’s potential for learning in all other subjects.

As we teach, we lead students to recognize the hierarchy of concepts and to integrate concepts within and across subjects. Students learn to question before validating the new connections that will eventually improve their understanding and reasoning skills. Discovering, validating, and verbalizing these concepts in their own words with clarity and precision is what enables students to retain their knowledge and then to apply and extend that knowledge.

Learning that progress is determined by work, a student realizes that his success is in his control and is his responsibility. As he learns and applies this idea, he begins to understand and enjoy the strength of his own mind. As he learns to respect his own capacity and gains confidence, he also respects the same in others.

Challenger students learn that each individual is born with unalienable rights. They learn that happiness does not come from superficial sources, but rather through the application of the virtues of rationality, productivity, self-reliance, honesty, integrity, and justice. They create their own self-worth through achievement.