Challenger School

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes Challenger School different? 

Challenger School is different because:

We teach children to think and to enjoy challenge.

From the minute students enter the door in preschool, they are taught to apply logic and reason to the world around them. Our students become independent, conceptual thinkers by integrating concrete facts into concepts through their shared, essential similarities among apparent differences. Our emphasis on independent reasoning skills, so rarely practiced in today's world, results in our students' extraordinary academic performance.


We teach self-reliance and the joy earned through achievement. 

Challenger students learn that each individual is born with unalienable rights. They learn that happiness does not come from superficial sources, but rather through applying the values of rationality, productivity, self-reliance, honesty, integrity, and justice. They create their own self-worth through achievement.


We start early.

Challenger accepts students as young as 2 years 9 months in order to take advantage of the best window of opportunity for setting the patterns of learning.  Language and reading skills are most effectively established from birth through 6 years of age. Our programs have been specially designed and honed over more than 45 years to maximize this extraordinary time in the lives of children. When very young children receive this kind of intellectual stimulation, they establish a foundation for a lifetime of achievement.


Be sure to visit our Breathtaking Results section to see just how well our methods work.


2. What preschool classes do you offer? 

Classes vary by campus. Normally, we offer half-day and all-day programs with two-, three-, and five-day-per-week options for three- and four-year-olds.


Programs are offered based on space availability and local demand, so contact your local campus to verify the classes available at the campus nearest you.


3. What about child care before and after elementary school?

Extended classes are available for elementary students between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Many locations offer enrichment classes after school, like soccer and other outdoor activities, dance, specialized art, chess, robotics, and foreign language.


4. Do you offer extra-curricular programs?

Our school focuses on the bedrock of knowledge: reading, composition, math, logic, and history.


We do not take field trips. Although children love a bus ride and a vacation from the classroom with their friends, they need one-on-one guidance, best achieved with families. We focus our utmost attention on the fun achieved within classroom experiences.


Enrichment classes are offered at most campuses during our extended hours before and after school.


5. What time does school start and end?

School hours vary slightly. Please download the "Arrival and Departure Information" file from the campus page.


6. What are the school's office hours?

School office hours are generally from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


7. What's the first/last day of school?

School calendars are available here.


8. Do you do background checks on all employees?

Yes, we perform standard background checks on all our employees. We screen all employees as exhaustively as possible.


9. What are the entrance requirements?

Children as young as 2 years and 9 months old who are fully toilet trained are eligible for our preschool programs. We use academic assessments to help determine the best class for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.


10. How does a Challenger education impact graduates' future success 

After completing Challenger's course of study, most graduates go on to accelerated high school programs and then to distinguished colleges and universities. No matter where students go after leaving us, they have an academic foundation, focusing skills, and thinking abilities that allow them to pursue any endeavor they wish.