Release & Agreement

The Comportment Code above expresses the basic expectation for employees, students, and parents. Actions not in keeping with this code, such as cheating; harming others; or possessing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, lewd material, or weapons, may be cause for immediate suspension or termination of enrollment. Please discuss with your student. Challeger school will also review with them on their first day of school.


I acknowledge that Challenger School is not a daycare but rather a private school with rigorous academic requirements; other private schools are available in this area but I choose to enroll my child in Challenger School because of it’s curriculum, values, teaching techniques, and behavior management methods that reinforce my family’s commitment to academic studies.

I acknowledge that, in the exercise of my own free choice, I wish to enroll my child in Challenger School with full knowledge and understanding of the Release and Agreement set forth below.


I acknowledge that Challenger School is not an insurer against injury and that the school offers its services at a cost which reflects the fact that the school will not and cannot be financially responsible for personal injuries which might occur anywhere on Challenger School premises, including the playground, common areas, hallways, classrooms, administrative offices, or parking lots. Therefore, I agree to release and hold harmless Challenger School and its teachers, administrators, employees, agents, and insurers from and against any liability for damages or injury arising out of personal injuries sustained by my child as a result of the acts or omissions to act of the school’s employees, agents, students, or any other individual for whose acts the school might otherwise be liable except through gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Challenger School to limit its exposure to lawsuits and damages to the greatest extent allowed by law, and I acknowledge that by signing this Release, I am giving up any right to sure Challenger School, as specifically set forth above, if my child sustains an injury while at school. I accept this limitation with knowledge that I am free to enroll my child at a different private school if I decline to accept the Release.


I agree it is important to Challenger School that parents and students maintain good relationships with teachers and staff and acknowledge that Challenger School reserves the right to decline continued enrollment/services to parents who in Challenger School’s sole judgment are uncooperative or are abusive to school administrators or staff or who, in Challenger School’s opinion, will not be satisfied with Challenger School’s efforts, choices, or services.

I agree to support the enforcement of Challenger’s student Comportment Code and Student Uniform Policy.

I authorize Challenger School’s personnel to obtain emergency medical and/or dental care for the student named above and to transport the student to the same, both at my expense.

I grant Challenger School or its designated employees the right to administer reasonable and appropriate discipline (not involving corporal punishment) as the need for such discipline occurs.

I agree to support and protect the privacy and confidentiality of Challenger School students, clientele, and employees by not discussing or revealing confidential records or information.

I acknowledge that Challenger School’s resources are the best directed to the education and well-being of its students and agree not to unnecessarily involve Challenger School in domestic matters or court cases involving student families.

I agree that if there is a legal or other claim against Challenger School or any of its officers or employees which has not been able to be resolved through informal discussion and negotiation, I am required to submit the claim for binding arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association (Association). The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the office of the Association closest to the school in which my child is enrolled. If space is not available in the office of the Association, then the arbitration will be held at a facility in reasonable proximity to the Association office.

I grant Challenger School and its successors or assignees the irrevocable right to use, in any format or media, the name, biographical information, photograph, likeness, image, or voice of my enrolled child for any legal purpose, including without limitation educational purposes, advertisement, entertainment programs, parent or teacher training, and general public information, without any obligation to pay any sum of money at any time for such use. I also agree that my family’s attendance at Challenger School events constitutes permission for our picture to be included in school yearbooks or communications.

Having read and understood the above, I give permission for the student named above to participate in all of Challenger School’s programs.


I understand the by submitting this form, that I have read and undertand the Challenger Comportment Code.