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Challenger School seeks an enthusiastic and active individual to teach physical education at the elementary (1st through 8th grade) level at our Almaden campus in San Jose. Challenger’s PE curriculum specifically aims to teach students to take ownership of their own physical health by creating healthy habits early in life. At Challenger, teachers not only educate students but assist students to become self-reliant and productive individuals who value independence and individuality; finding joy and self-worth through achievement.

PE teachers are responsible for:

  • learning and properly delivering Challenger’s PE curriculum and methodology which includes concepts such as coordination, strength, speed, and stamina,
  • running Challenger’s Physical Fitness Program and preparing students for assessments by regularly practicing exercises and games outside and in the gym that will help students meet and excel at fitness program standards,
  • the safety and well-being of Challenger students,
  • effective classroom behavior management in accordance with Challenger philosophy.

PE teachers are required to:

  • have 2 years of college education or equivalent experience in kinesiology, fitness, gym or exercise training, health, or relevant coaching.
  • have experience with correct exercising techniques and the proper usage of fitness equipment,
  • have a friendly and confident demeanor and to work patiently with students, and co-workers,
  • possess a strong work ethic and a desire to support Challenger curriculum and methods,
  • attend all training opportunities and marketing events to learn and assist as directed,
  • have excellent attendance to maintain continuity of the classroom during the school year,
  • understand and embrace the values of the original United States Constitution.

This position is offered full time or part time. Full time benefits include health insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, and paid time off. Part time work of 18+ hours per week includes significant Challenger student tuition discounts for children or grandchildren.

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Challenger School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.