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Technical Writer/Content Developer


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Positions available in: Utah

MAJOR FUNCTIONS—Assist with process of converting existing content into a structured content environment and maintaining effective workflows to provide manageable, consistent content. 


1.    Identify and execute on priorities for structured content initiatives

2.    Create and edit content using XML and authoring tools, such as Oxygen

3.    Collaborate with staff to transfer knowledge about best practices, tools, and other aspects of the structured content environment

4.    Work with vendors who are consulting/providing services


1.    Assist with development of structured content solutions to support Challenger content requirements    

2.    Coordinate with individuals throughout company to identify and document specific and consistent structured content hierarchies    

3.      Ensure that structured content workflows meet Challenger School requirements 

4.    Integrate content development systems with existing technologies and adapt processes to align with them

5.     Collaborate with Challenger School departments to evaluate and configure tools related to the structured content environment    

6.     Assist staff in learning and mastering structured content tools and techniques

7.     Ensure strong organizational support for structured content by providing clear communication, training, and organizational development for structured content solutions


1.    Extensive working knowledge of DITA or other XML technology 

2.    Experience in an XML authoring environment and content management system

3.    Ability to identify and maintain detailed consistency in XML structures, metadata, and taxonomies 

4.    Ability to meet business objectives while also enforcing quality, content structure, version control, and publishing strategies that support multiple deliverables and formats 

5.    Excellent verbal and written communication skills

6.    Experience managing large projects

7.    Ability to develop and deliver technical training and informal on-the-job support



1.    Experience with structured authoring of educational content

2.     Experience as a classroom teacher or instructional designer 

3.     Familiarity with MathML and/or DITA Learning and Training specialization

4.     Degree in education, educational technology, or related field

5.     Familiarity with DITA Open Toolkit and/or XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO

6.     Knowledge of DTDs, taxonomies, and schema

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