Challenger School

About Us

Challenger School is an independent, non-profit private school. To preserve our independence, we do not accept public funds. However, as a non-profit entity, we accept private, tax-deductible donations from those wishing to contribute to our educational mission.

We operate 25 campuses in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Texas, with more than 10,000 preschool to 8th grade students enrolled annually.


Challenger emphasizes the bedrock of knowledge: reading, composition, math, and history. We promote individual and independent thinking, teach traditional American history and values, and inspire children to embrace challenge and find joy and self-worth through achievement.


Explore our website to learn more about our history, mission, and philosophy. Read testimonials from parents and former students. Examine our traditional methods and essential curriculum, and marvel at our students' breathtaking achievements.


The best way to understand the Challenger difference is by visiting a school. Tour a campus near you to see for yourself why so many discriminating parents choose Challenger.